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J. Michael Brower

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Foggy Mystic Mountains


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The Enemy [Below]…the Brass Above

The Tailhook Report

A Case For Women Warfighters

Outland: The Vogue of DOD Outsourcing and Privatization

Articles on Women at War!

Should the Navy Assign Servicewomen to Submarine Duty?

Protect Your Network From Government Computer News (An Ode to Network Solutions and Web.com)

Cashiering Freedom for Security: Lessons in Modern Terrorism

Fighting Fatigue: Air Force Locks on to Cockpit Comfort

Reaching For IT

DOD Outsourcing and Privatization

Outsourcing and Privatizing Information Technology

Open Forum Outsourcing Acquisition and Procurement Shops

The Day After The Next 9/11: How Outsourcing Is Helping Al Qaeda

A Visionary Writer

You need to learn all about J. Michael Brower, or John, to understand his creative process. He says he gets visions about his subject matter and he doesn't really know where they come from. However, John believes his writing skills are inherent because of the history of creativity in humans across the centuries.

Over the past few years, his young adult novels have touched the lives of many. John is overjoyed that the adventures of Brian Miller have reached so many, from children to adults, who seek to escape reality for a while.

If you are new to his writing, you'll find influences from both Chinese and Japanese cultures, including an interesting new spin on traditional dragons. John's star dragons are unique beings that originated in the cosmos, but now find themselves roaming the same land as Brian Miller.